Renewable Energy Advocates Launch Ad Urging the Md. General Assembly to Restore the Clean Energy Jobs Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 10, 2016

Contact: Tiffany Hartung, Maryland Climate Coalition, O:(443) 759-3402, C: (248) 933-2451,

Renewable Energy Advocates Launch Ad Urging the Md. General Assembly to Restore the Clean Energy Jobs Act

Annapolis, Md.—Today the Maryland Climate Coalition announces the launch of a new radio ad aimed at overriding the veto of the Clean Energy Jobs Act in the 2017 legislative session. The bill would increase renewable energy usage in Maryland. The 30-second radio spot, which calls on Marylanders to contact their legislators, will air on WLIF (101.9) through November 15th. The ad can be heard at

“Increasing our renewable energy use will create good, family-supporting jobs, and reduce air pollution that impacts our health. This is a necessary step to help Marylanders do our part to address climate change,” said Tiffany Hartung of the Maryland Climate Coalition. “The General Assembly needs to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act in 2017.”

If given final approval, the bill will commit Maryland to getting 25 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020, up from the current goal of 20 percent by 2022, and create incentives for roughly 1,300 Megawatts of new renewable energy. Additionally, the Clean Energy Jobs Act will advance workforce development and minority- and women-owned small business development in the clean energy sector.

In 2016, the Clean Energy Jobs Act (SB 921/HB 1106) was approved by the General Assembly by broad margins of 92-43 in the House and 31-14 in the Senate. Governor Hogan later vetoed the legislation. A 2016 poll conducted by the Maryland Climate Coalition showed that nearly three-quarters of Maryland voters support the policy to expand renewable energy.

“Maryland’s General Assembly needs to vote for the widely supported Clean Energy Jobs Act once again this year to override the veto,” said Karla Raettig of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.

Contrary to claims that the legislation would burden Maryland customers, an independent analysis of the Clean Energy Jobs Act estimates that increasing Maryland’s renewable energy use to 25 percent by 2020 would cost residential customers 58 cents per month in 2020.  The benefits in increasing Maryland’s renewable energy use would far outweigh the costs. The Clean Energy Jobs Act will increase regional economic growth by $200 million to $450 million per year and prevent 25 to 50 premature deaths per year by improving air quality and public health.  Generating dirty energy produces air pollution that is costing Maryland households $73 every month.

“The increase in renewable energy that will result from this legislation is the equivalent of taking 563,000 passenger vehicles off the road every year,” said David Smedick of the Maryland Sierra Club. “Climate talks are currently underway by world leaders at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Morocco and it’s important that Maryland does our part to reduce our climate pollution.”

The 2020 accelerated target will rank Maryland sixth nationally in renewable energy advancements by 2020, right behind Vermont, California, Hawaii, New York, and Connecticut.


The radio ad, reads:

Generating renewable energy from the sun and wind is a big win for Maryland.

It creates jobs, helps our economy and reduces dirty air.

Clean energy is safer, and only adds 58-cents to monthly electric bills.

The Maryland General Assembly will vote again in January on the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

Tell your legislators you favor renewable energy.

Tell them to vote for the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

A message from the Maryland Climate Coalition.

The ad can be heard at


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