Tell the Ocean City Council you support offshore wind!

Photo: NREL

Photo: NREL

In 2013, Maryland legislators passed a bill to establish offshore wind off of Maryland’s coast, bringing clean energy, jobs and a new, vibrant industry to our area. After several years of planning and permitting, offshore wind is close to becoming a reality.

Recently, however, the Ocean City Mayor and City Council have expressed concern over the possibility of wind turbines being visible from shore, even though the plans are well within the agreement established in the 2013 legislation.

Some Council members have said that they have not received any calls or emails in support of offshore wind, even though two recent public hearings were packed with supporters.

If you support offshore wind and believe Ocean City will benefit from the environmental and economic gains it will bring, please let the Ocean City Council know!

Click here to contact the City Council using the form on their website. On the left side of that page, you’ll see a drop down menu that allows you to send one letter to all of the Council members plus the Mayor.





Please take a few moments and let city council and the mayor know that you support offshore wind!

Better yet, if you are an Ocean City resident and would like to attend the next Council Meeting to voice your support, it is Monday, April 17th from 6-7pm.

Thank you for standing up for Maryland’s future!

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