Clean Energy Jobs Campaign


Imagine a brighter future: one where Maryland receives all of its electricity from clean, renewable energies. This future is possible. It’s up to us to make it happen.

Using dirty energy from fossil fuels for our electricity needs contributes to climate change, hinders our economy and harms the health of Marylanders – especially vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, and low-income communities, especially communities of color. That’s why the Maryland Climate Coalition has launched a new campaign to require that 50 percent of Maryland’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2030.

50% renewable energy is an important, reachable objective and a critical stepping stone to achieving 100% clean energy in Maryland.

The Climate Coalition supports theInvestinCleanEnergy.MDClimateCo passage of legislation in 2018 that calls for:

  • Expanding Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), which requires utilities to buy a certain percentage of electricity each year from renewable sources, taking it from the current target of 25% by 2020 to 50% by 2030.
  • Transforming Maryland’s economy into a clean energy economy by positioning our state as an industry leader now, making it attractive for businesses to invest in Maryland’s workers and its future.
  • Strengthening Maryland’s RPS by removing incentives for trash incineration, which jeopardizes public health.
  • Making a substantial investment in training for good, clean energy jobs with livable wages and assistance for minority and women owned businesses working in this field.

We must also continue to do the necessary work now to determine what path leads us forward, to a Maryland with a 100% clean energy future

As the federal government moves backwards on climate, Maryland must continue forward, leading the way on renewable energy to protect our communities and the environment. Maryland should double our use of renewable energy, so we can save lives and transform our energy sector away from harmful fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy.

More than 500 faith, community, labor, business, climate and environmental groups from across Maryland have already endorsed this proposal. You can sign your organization on by visiting

Let’s encourage Maryland legislators and Governor Hogan to enact a new law increasing our commitment to 50 percent renewable electricity by 2030 and to prioritize clean energy sources like wind and solar.

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Why 50% RPS?
Public Health
Trash Incineration

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